Question:We should switch to upstream OpenSBI and use the generic platform firmware for BeagleV.Reply:do you know if current upstream (riscv... 全文

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Question:I suspect this repo contains source codes for DDR initialization of the JH7100 SoC.If so, please update README with a proper descri... 全文

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Question:There is no license file or license information. Some files have a BSD-3c license, some have an Apache-2.0 or GPL-2.0+ license. The... 全文

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Question:I am using a bootlin RISC-V toolchain (GCC 10.2.0, binutils 2.34) to build second boot.First of all, this toolchain does not suppor... 全文

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Question:The main branch is empty so please make starfive the default branch.Reply:linkClosed.

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Question:I don't understand what is this repo for. The readme.txt only provides some vague instructions related to build process.Is thi... 全文

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Question:With picocom I see this error.My file is 8MB but picocom fails because the limit is 3M?With minicom I see this:Flashing seems to wo... 全文

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Question:SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later should be added to these source code files that StarFive owns the copyright on.Reply:link

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Question:The extra LEDs are something we've become accustomed to having in the BeagleBone world. We can keep these compatible with our ... 全文

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Question:The JTAG signals don't seem to be connected. For some professional developers, this is a significant barrier. The TAGCONNECT f... 全文

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Question:Currently, the USB type-C is only capable of providing power. Further, the superspeed USB is only provided via 2 Type-A connectors.... 全文

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Question:This is a fundamental requirement for Linux kernel and u-boot developers.I recommend using the UART connector on the BeagleBone AI ... 全文

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Question:It seems that SPI is used for booting.Are there any provisions for re-programming the SPI Flash? What happens if bad contents are p... 全文

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Question: What is the real functionality of the Pi header in terms of compatible functionality?Can we replace the header with a number of Gr... 全文

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Question: Probably too late for the 7100 version, but onboard eMMC makes things much more reliable for embedded into products and this is a ... 全文

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赛昉科技CEO徐滔6月23日,RISC-V 2021中国峰会落下帷幕,赛昉科技不仅在本次峰会上分享多个精彩演讲,在外场展台也带来了多个场景演示,同时举办了星光技术专场论坛。在­主峰会演讲环节,赛昉科技CEO徐滔做了关于《RISC-V的崛起》的主旨演讲,说到“目前摩尔定律带... 全文

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前一阵,苹果推出了M1处理器,相比关注具体指标,业内其实更关心M1推出后会引领产业往哪个方向发展,不少人的结论是RISC-V会成为未来芯片发展的热点,因为RISC-V有很多巧妙的方法可以提高性能。计算机界泰斗David Patterson大力支持RISC-V技术,国内单片机界泰斗... 全文

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2020年黑天鹅事件接踵而至,但RISC-V创企睿思芯科并没受太多影响,相反,创始人谭章熹对这一年的进展很满意,芯片也在年底顺利量产。距离RISC-V诞生已过去十年,这个每每被谈及,必与x86、Arm相提并论的新兴指令集架构,正在物联网、云端等更多场景中发挥潜能,并吸引了高通、英... 全文

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前言:在半导体的历史上,X86、ARM作为主流架构一直都占有着很大的市场。随着物联网时代的来临。而RISC-V作为新兴架构,以其精简的体量,或许在未来的IoT领域中能取得绝对的优势,其他的应用场景还包括手机、服务器、存储等市场。作者| 方文图片来源 |网 络 完全开源是R... 全文

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作者:澎峰科技张先轶博士2021年1月13日,赛昉科技发布了星光AI单板计算机(BeagleV),对于我这种RISC-V和开源技术爱好者来说,是非常关注的事情。BeagleV主要有以下几个亮点: 1.5GHz的RISC-V多核CPU,可以启动Linux,当成单板计算机(S... 全文

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